Avondale has a new trail open!

Post date: Jun 23, 2016 12:21:40 PM

The West Hants Trails Association has been working on the expansion of trails in Avondale to create the Avondale trail system. We are happy to announce there are now two different trail options in Avondale! A new 2.0km trail named Mosher's trail, links the current Westbrook trail to the Avondale Sky winery and vineyard, where a second trailhead and parking is provided. Please click the link below to see the new trail system map, and read the detailed trail descriptions below. We will be having a grand opening celebration for Mosher's trail this September, and will replace the temporary signage with new signs soon!

Map link: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1sNXIWDI1Yx4ghaLA8bA4cVHLM_s

Mosher's trail: Named after the planter settlers granted this land in 1760, Mosher's trail takes you from the Avondale Sky winery to the Westbrook trail. On this 2.0km of trail you will travel through the edge of the vineyard and into the forest, then along an historic rail-bed and into a regenerating forest. After this, the trail leads to the headwaters of the Westbrook and meanders along the brook through mature Acadian mixed-wood forest. Follow the yellow markers, and keep an eye out for 'you are here' map signage at junctions along the way. Be aware that you will be hiking over uneven terrain, steep drop-offs, and inclines. When Mosher's trail meets the junction with the Westbrook trail near its bridge over Westbrook, make the decision to continue along the Westbrook trail loop, or follow the brook downstream along the trail on the ridge and return to the Avondale Community Hall parking lot, a few hundred meters along the highway from the Avondale Sky parking lot. This trail can be travelled in the reverse direction as well.

Westbrook trail: Named after the Westbrook brook, Westbrook trail is a 2.3km loop that takes you through a landscape dominated by an Acadian mixed-wood forest, interspersed with rolling agricultural land. Follow the yellow markers and after you cross the brook decide which direction you will take on the loop. Watch for 'you are here' map signage near the first bridge marking the junction with Mosher's trail. Be aware that you will be hiking over uneven terrain, steep drop-offs, and inclines. Karst formations, such as sinkholes, caves, and sinking streams are found within this region. They are the result of water acting on comparatively soluble rocks, in this case Gypsum. Gypsum karst forests are rare in Canada and the majority of occurrence is in this region of Nova Scotia. Karst forests contain many rare plants, and karst caves provide many of the province's most important bat hibernacula.

These trails are intended for walking, hiking, running, snowshoeing, cross country skiing and bicycling. No unauthorized vehicles. Please practice 'leave no trace' and keep our trails clean. The Avondale trail system is maintained by the West Hants Trails Association - we welcome comments, please email us at westhantstrails@gmail.com.