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The West Hants Trails Association (WHTA) is a non-profit society dedicated to the development and promotion of multi-use trails in the Municipality of the District of West Hants.  As a member of the Nova Scotia Nova Scotia Trails Federation the WHTA shares the vision that, "All Nova Scotians have access to and value diverse and well-managed recreational trails for the pursuit of:  Health; Education and Environment; Arts and Culture; Recreation; Tourism and Transportation." 

Specifically, the objectives of WHTA are:
  • To develop and promote trails

  • To support organizations that are associated with trail development and use

  • To encourage private public partnerships for trail development

  • To promote healthy active lifestyles and environmental awareness

The WHTA also follows the goals of the West Hants Active Living Strategy to:
  • Educate West Hants residents about the benefits of physical activity and to provide information about recreation opportunities.

  • Provide opportunities for West Hants residents to participate in a variety of physical activities in their communities, workplaces and schools.

  • Create, maintain and enhance physical environments, both built and natural, that support physical activity.

  • Lead initiatives, build partnerships and develop policies that will sustain physical activity opportunities.